Dronamics Capital plans to raise up to BGN 5.9m in Class B preferred stocks on BEAM

16.11.2021 Source: BSE; Investor.bg; FFBH

Dronamics Capital plans an IPO on SME growth market BEAM, according to the filed with BSE application for admission to trading. The company intends to raise up to BGN 5.9m, which is the maximum amount allowed for the BEAM market. The offering would consists of up to 5 334 081 new preferred Class B shares with BGN 1.00 nominal value and issue price of BGN 1.10. Currently the capital of the company is concentrated into 1 preferred Class A share with a nominal value of BGN 50 000, owned by Dronamics Global Limited, UK, a unmanned aerial systems startup. Dronamics is developing a small, unmanned and fuel efficient small airplane "The Black Swan" which is able to carry 350 kg of cargo and travel up to 2 500 km. This year, Dronamics Global Limited signed agreements with DHL Deutsche Post to start commercial flights of the same-day drone cargo services and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics to offer cross-border delivery of vital goods, both to start in 2022. Please, note that Eleven Capital [11C] owns 12.12% in the UK company, additionally providing EUR 250k of convertible loans.