100% vote count shows that GERB-UDF receives 24.70% of the votes for the national parliament and 23.54% of the votes for the EU parliament; MRF is second with 17.07% for the BG parliament and 14.66% for the EU parliament

11.06.2024 Source: CEC; SeeNews; FFBH

Data from 100% vote count of the election protocols from Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission (CEC) revealed that GERB-UDF came first in 9 June snap election for the national parliament with 24.70% (26.49% in last year’s election). The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF), which draws support mainly from Bulgarian ethnic Turk population came second with 17.07% (13.72% previously). Third is coalition We Continue The Change-Democratic Bulgaria (WCC-DB) with 14.33% (24.54% previously), followed by the Eurosceptic party Revival with 13.78% (14.15% previously), the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) with 7.06% (8.94% previously) and There Is Such a People (TISP) with 5.96% (4.21% previously). A seventh party is entering the Parliament – the pro-Russian nationalist party Greatness with 4.65%. In regards to the EU parliament election, GERB-UDF receives 23.54% of the votes, followed by MRF with 14.66%, WCC-DB with 14.44%, Revival with 13.98%, BSP with 7.01% and TISP with 6.04%.