Мutual Funds

Mutual finds are tools through which individual investors can participate in a professional collective investment scheme. Money raised through public offering of shares are invested in securities and other financial assets managed professionally and with minimal costs.

FFBH Asset Management manages four UCITS III compliant mutual funds with different focus and risk profile – FFBH VostokFIB AvangardFIB Classic and FIB Garant.

In addition to completely transparent professional asset management and risk, investors in mutual funds of FFBH Asset Management benefit from higher liquidity and profitability than with investments in bank deposits.  

NAV (BGN) NAV/unit (BGN) Daily return Annual return YtD return
FIB Avangard 3 292 726.87 0.5543 -0.57% 17.94% 10.31%
FFBH Vostok 557 312.37 0.4720 -0.38% 15.94% 11.06%
FIB Classic 5 412 909.85 0.8783 -0.31% 12.19% 7.01%
FIB Garant 5 041 750.29 1.1808 -0.18% 4.42% 2.07%

Prices for orders submitted on 16.05.2024

*The daily, annual and year-to-date returns of all mutual funds are based on NAV/unit data. Potential investors in mutual funds should be aware that the value of their units (net asset value per unit) and their return may decrease and the profit is not guaranteed. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results and must not be taken alone as the basis for an investment decision. Investments in mutual funds in Bulgaria are not guaranteed by a state Guarantee fund or in any other way.

NAV/unit (BGN)