Foreign Markets

In the process of broadening the range of services that FFBH provides to its clients, the company is offering securities trading on all major foreign markets. The settlement of all financial instruments is conducted on DVP/RVP basis by the clearing agent of the client. This allows for all institutional clients who have a requirement to keep shares and money under a custodian account to transact freely on foreign markets.

In order to provide the most competitive pricing for the different markets FFBH has built a relationship with several global brokers to whom the orders can be routed in the process of seeking best execution.

All the orders to FFBH could be submitted electronically via Bloomberg EMSX, where they would be routed to the specific markets. All the executions also flow back to the client via Bloomberg EMSX.

Every Bloomberg user can be setup to trade via EMSX. FFBH broker code in Bloomberg is "FFBG". 

To learn more about Bloomberg EMSX, click here.

To request a setup, please refer to