Bulgarian Stock Exhange - Sofia

Brokerage operations have always been the traditional mainstay of the FFBH business with main focus being placed on capital markets. FFBH is regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission (http://www.fsc.bg) and as a licensed investment intermediary FFBH is authorized to trade all kinds of securities on the Bulgarian and international capital markets. Brokerage services are offered both as direct market orders or through CWTP - a proprietary brokerage platform. 


FFBH is constantly occupying the leaders by turnover list on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. Over each of the last 5 years FFBH was among the top 5 brokers on BSE by turnover. The company was an absolute leader in 2018 with 23% market share

FFBH success in equity trading is backed up by the experience of our sales & trading team and its commitment to support clients’ business goals. FFBH customer base includes large foreign investment funds, key local pension and mutual funds, banks, high networth individuals and retail clients.

Our brokers possess thorough knowledge of FFBH research, offerings, and services, and have a clear understanding of the investment style and needs of each client. Based on this knowledge and understanding, we are able to identify opportunities for clients seeking to improve their investment returns. The quality of the brokerage service provided has helped to keep FFBH as the main contact point for almost all large international institutional and private investors looking for opportunities to invest in Bulgaria.